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hottub cover skirt lengthMost hot tub covers are made with a skirt or flap, with the standard length being 4 inches. Cover skirts consist of a marine-grade vinyl material that continues along the perimeter of your spa cover. Additionally, skirts offer your cover some protection from natural elements, including dirt and debris. Hot Tub Covers Canada offers a variety of options, ranging from no skirt, to any length over 1.5 inches.


cover tie down strapsEvery replacement spa cover from Hot Tub Covers Canada offers 4 standard tie-down straps. These standard straps also offer 4 male-female locks, with a lock and key for added safety and security. Our straps also include a set of stainless steel mounting hardware.

hurricane strapsFor added protection against strong winds, we recommend upgrading to the Hurricane Straps, which protect your cover from blowing off in harsh winds. The Hurricane Straps are re-inforced with extra layers of vinyl, and offer peace of mind in knowing that you will never have to experience a flying spa cover during a storm with high winds.


hot tub cover standard strap locationHot Tub Covers Canada is one of the only providers that allow you to customize every aspect of your replacement hot tub cover. We let you decide how many inches from the center of the hot tub cover you would like to place your straps.

Take control of your spa cover, and choose a strap location that offers your family the optimum placement for your spa environment.


Have the freedom of choosing how long your replacement spa cover straps will be.

The length of the strap is measured from the underside of the hot tub cover, including the skirt, to the bottom tip of the plastic clip. The standard length is 7 inches, and Hot Tub Covers Canada offers straps that are up to 20 inches long.

spa cover standard strap length


Hot Tub Covers Canada will always include 4 handles & 4 straps on all our replacement hot tub covers. The option for 2 handles can be selected on the 'Customize your Cover' page if preferred.

Two additional handles can be added to your cover for a total of 6 Handles for only $19.95.

Gazebo Handles:

hot tub handles - inside the foldGazebo handles, or "handles inside the fold" can be added for $29.95. These handles offer unparalleled durability and are cross stitched for added strength. Gazebo Handles are located along the zipper portion of your replacement spa cover.


Our Chemical Resistant Energy Shield is your first step towards great energy savings.

This thicker highly reflective energy-saving metallic / Heavy Duty material will soon be available as an additional upgrade.

The reflective shield bounces radiant heat back into the spa water that would normally be lost = more energy savings!


recommended hinge seal upgradeThis convenient upgrade more than pays for itself in energy savings, and is fully compatible with all cover lifters! Hot Tub Covers Canada's standard hinge seal consists of two steam pockets and a rubber gasket which runs down the center of the cover.

This will not allow steam to escape from the sides of the cover as the steam stoppers are two pads that are placed on the underside of the cover, at the ends, between the two halves.

infrared heat loss without hinge sealWe can upgrade this for you, with a single continuous seal stretching the entire length of the fold to improve energy efficiency. The Full Length Hinge Seal Option increases efficiency by filling in the entire gap between the two halves with one continuous hinge seal.

The Full Length Hinge Seal is a highly effective way to prevent significant heat loss from the center of your spa cover.

infrared heat savings with hinge seal upgradeThe benefits of this upgrade are even more noticeable in snowy weather.

Covers without the full hinge seal will have a significant amount of snow melting along the center of the hinge, displaying the significance of the heat loss which occurs from the center seam of a cover without this useful extra seal.


Hot Tub Covers are constructed with a vapour barrier fully encapsulating and sealing the foam inserts. This barrier protects against the leading cause of hot tub cover destruction; water logging. The vapour barrier effectively protects water vapour from being exposed to and ruining the hot tub cover’s foam. We are unique in that we offer a highly sought after 6 mil vapour barrier, while the industry standard only consists of a 2 mil vapour barrier.

A stronger vapour barrier helps your cover last longer and stay lighter as it protects it from the water absorption that occurs when chemicals in your hot tub, such as chlorine and bromine, break down the integrity of the foam core.

One of the exclusive features of our hot tub covers is that we start with a 6 mil vapour barrier surrounding the foam, which completely encapsulates the insulation, and is both vacuum and heat-sealed. This provides a protective barrier to your cover to prevent water absorption, keeping your cover light over the years.

We highly recommend upgrading to include even more layers of vapour barrier as it is a small investment for the additional years your cover will remain highly efficient, light and easy to handle.

We offer 2 protection upgrades over and above the included 6 mil vapour barrier through the manufacturing process, as we can double wrap the foam core of your custom cover with a second layer of polyethylene sheeting of varying degrees of thickness.

The 8 mil barrier consists of 2 layers, an inner layer of 4 mil and outer layer of 4 mil.
The 12 mil barrier consists of 2 layers, an inner layer of 6 mil and an outer layer of 6 mil is added.

In addition, each upgrade of vapour barrier protection extends the cover's warranty period by an additional year for 100% protection against water-logging!!


Add extra support and strength to the center of your hot tub cover by upgrading to include a second aluminum C-Channel along the center of the cover. Option is available for Ultimate, Supreme and Ultimate Walk-On Hot Tub Cover styles for only $34.95


Are you hosting a backyard hot tub party in a couple weeks, and need an attractive and functional replacement spa cover ASAP?

Add rush production to your order for only $34.95. Guaranteed shipment of your new cover within 10-15 business days* of placing your order, plus time to ship to your province.

*Please note that the 10-15 business day rush production/delivery option does not include additional time for delivery, as it varies according to province.

Estimated Shipping Time:
Ontario: 2 days
Quebec: 2 days
Manitoba: 4 days
Maritimes: 4 days
Saskatchewan: 5 days
Alberta: 5 days
British Columbia: 6 days
Newfoundland: 7 days

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