Please Support Canadian Manufacturers Working During These Difficult Times.
Make Sure Your New Hot Tub Cover Will Be Made In Canada By Canadian Workers.
Not Imported From The USA Or Mexico - Don’t Be Afraid To Ask When Shopping Around.
- Know Before You Buy -
6" - 4" Taper - Walk on $579.95 $524.98 Not Available
6" - 4" Taper $459.95 $424.99 $449.00
5" - 4" Taper - Walk on $525.95 Not Available Not Available
5" - 4" Taper $435.95 Not Available $429.00
5" - 3" Taper $399.95 $379.99 $369.00
4" - 3" Taper $389.95 Not Available $339.00
3" - 2" Taper $359.95 Not Available $299.00
Made in CANADA Made in USA and Canada
Foam Density Residential: 1.5lbs foam /
Commercial: 2.0lbs foam as required by insurance for Hotels and Resorts
1.5lbs foam and 2lb claims 2.0lbs foam, however our test results confirm 1.5lbs foam
Marine Grade Vinyl
(UV Treated)
With mildew inhibitors With mildew inhibitors Unknown
Corrosion Resistant Zipper
Aluminum C Channel Hinge Reinforcement Aluminum - non-rusting material runs along entire length of fold for added support
Dual C Channel Upgrade Additional C Channel available for added support on all Deluxe, Ultimate, Ultimate Walk-on and Supreme Covers
Energy Reflective Liner Reflective energy shield is standard on all of our covers - Thicker reflective liner available - $29.95 upgrade Reflective material available Claims to be Reflective Grey Polyethylene tarpaulin
Vapour Resistant Barrier 6mil vapour barrier included - 3x's the industry standard.
Option to upgrade to 8mil or 12 mil available during checkout
Barrier included.
Vapour barrier upgrades available, thickness not specified.
3mil vapour barrier included.
$10 for 6mil vapour barrier upgrade.
Custom placement
of strap location during
online ordering process
Child-Proof Lock 4 male-female locks with 2 keys 4 male-female locks with 2 keys 4 male-female locks with 1 key
Steam Stopper 2 pads 2 pads 2 pads
Double Layered
Reinforced Hinge
Standard Hinge Seal 2 steam stoppers with rubber gasket along the center seam 2 steam stoppers with rubber gasket along the center seam 2 steam stoppers and NO insulation between steam pockets
Full Hinge Seal upgrade Optional Optional Optional
Free Shipping
Number of Colour Options 19 10 10
Online Make and Model
Measurement Database
Make and Model measurements online to help with ordering process.
Downloadable & Printable Measurement Guide
Member of the Better Business Bureau
2 Inside Handles upgrade
Payment Options Cheque, Credit Card, Visa Debit Cards, or Paypal Cheque, Credit Card or Paypal Credit Card or Paypal
Labelled covers - meet ATSM International Industry Standards Covers are not labelled.

Watch how our hot tub covers are custom made to fit your spa or jacuzzi perfectly:

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