Please Support Canadian Manufacturers Working During These Difficult Times.
Make Sure Your New Hot Tub Cover Will Be Made In Canada By Canadian Workers.
Not Imported From The USA Or Mexico - Don’t Be Afraid To Ask When Shopping Around.


We offer a wide selection of colours for your replacement hot tub or jacuzzi cover.  Order your own colour swatch package for comparison and we'll refund your money when you order your hot tub cover from us!


Premium Ambassador Series Colours are available for only $39 more



Download PDF versions of colour swatches below

Almond  |   Tan  |   Desert Sand  |   Brown  |   Chestnut  |   Burgundy  |   Sky Blue  |   Navy  |   Teal
Yew Green | Hunter Green  |   Light Grey  |   Ash Grey  |   Charcoal Grey  |   Black  |  Ambass. Series Chestnut
Ambass. Series Blue  |   Ambass. Series Green  |   Ambass. Series Grey