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•   We offer a large variety colours and custom options – for hot tubs of all shapes, sizes and styles

•   We have one of the best warranties in the business, with a 7-year limited warranty against water logging

•   We offer free shipping insurance on all of our hot tub covers.

•   Our vinyl tops are made of high-quality, durable marine-grade top vinyl with UV & mildew inhibitors

•   You can soak in peace, knowing that your cover is built to withstand Canada's climate – all year long

•   Our covers are 100% advertising free – no logo to clash with your style &

•   We aim to please! Read testimonials from other Canadian customers, or view reviews on our eBay storefront &

•   PLUS We offer some of best prices around and deliver directly to your home anywhere in Canada!

•   And much more…

If your Brand or Model are not listed, it's no problem. We make Spa Covers to fit ANY HOT TUB.

Simply choose your Spa Cover by the shape, give us a few measurements, and we'll have your Replacement Hot Tub Cover made.

Need your dimensions, but your brand isn't listed? Let us find out for you, simply send us what you know!



We deliver our Canadian-made hot tub covers anywhere across Canada.

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Everything about our hot tub covers - including the materials, design, features and safety standards meet the high standards found in the industry.


Spa cover safety is especially important if you have small children or pets around your hot tub. For your peace of mind, all our hot tub covers meet or exceed rigorous safety standards.

Rugged Vinyl Spa Cover Top

spa cover colour optionsAll our hot tub covers feature premium marine grade vinyl treated with mildew and UV inhibitors to help keep your hot tub cover strong and looking new. And we have good news for all you polar bears out there: our covers are cold crack-tested down to minus-40° Celsius!

Tapered Virgin Foam Insulation

Foam core insulation for hot tub coversAll our tapered hot tub covers feature closed cell virgin foam core insulation in a variety of densities to meet your needs. Our insulation taper offers the best combination of strength and heat retention while keeping cover weight to a minimum.

Protection From Bottom to Top

We build our covers to help prevent moisture from seeping into our hot tub covers by adding super-strong, heat-sealed 6-mil vapour barriers. Adds years of life to your cover with this water logging prevention method.

Cover Core High & Dry With Exclusive Moisture Lock Heat-seal

The most common cause of hot tub cover failure is moisture absorption in the core. We use an exclusive, state-of-the-art core insulation vacuum heat-sealing process to protect your hot tub cover insulation against moisture invasion, keeping it light and long-lasting.

To prevent moisture absorption, we offer a vapour barrier upgrade for extra protection. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of adding layers of vapour barrier to your hot tub cover.

Vapour Barrier Upgrade

One of the most important features of our hot tub covers is the extra protection provided by the vapor barrier surrounding the foam. This helps your cover last longer and stay lighter. It prevents water absorption that occurs when chemicals in your hot tub, such as chlorine and bromine, break down the integrity of the foam core.

Our hot tub covers start at a 6-mil vapour barrier, and are upgradeable to 14-mil. The vapour barrier is both vacuum- and heat-sealed to completely encapsulate the insulation. Our 6-mil vapour barriers are above and beyond the industry standard. Most online manufacturers build their covers with only a 2-mil vapour barrier.

We offer two protection upgrades over and above our standard 6-mil vapour barrier. We can either double-wrap or triple-wrap the foam core of your custom cover with a second or third layer of 4-mil polyethylene sheeting.

We highly recommend upgrading the vapour barrier for your hot tub cover. It's a small investment, and it pays off by ensuring that your cover will remain intact, light, and easy to handle!

Upgrade Details

One "mil" is one-thousandth of an inch, and is the standard unit to measure thickness of plastic sheeting like vapour barriers.
The 10-mil barrier consists of 2 layers, an inner layer of 4-mil and outer layer of 6-mil.
The 14-mil barrier consists of 3 layers, an inner layer of 4-mil, a middle layer of 4-mil, and then another 6-mil outer layer is added.

Hot Tub Covers Canada now offers an exclusive water logging warranty!

Foam cores are automatically warranted against water-absorption for a period not less than twelve (12) months. This warranty period is extended if you upgrade your cover to include additional layers of vapour barrier protection.

12 Months with 6-mil vapour barrier standard
24 Months with 10-mil vapour barrier upgrade $24.95
36 Months with 14-mil vapour barrier upgrade $36.95

We are one of the only Canadian manufacturers that offer vapour barrier upgrades like these!
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