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A collection of popular hot tub accessories and supplies from Hot Tub Covers Canada.


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  1. ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) Hot Tub and Spa Saltwater System

    ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) Hot Tub and Spa Saltwater System

    Regular Price: $403.65

    Special Price: $329.95

    The ChlorMaker DO (Drape Over) Hot Tub and Spa Saltwater System 110 or 220 volt sits on the side of the spa or hot tub and produces chlorine to maintain the cleanliness of the water.

    • Generates enough chlorine for up to 3785 litres (1000 gallons) of water
    • 10 Chlorine Generation Levels
    • Capable of producing 30 grams of chlorine each day
    • Concealed Installation Kit Add-on available for 220 volt environment. Shipped for free if purchased with the Chlormaker Drape Over (DO)
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  2. SmarterSpa DO (Drape-over) Hot Tub Saltwater System

    SmarterSpa DO (Drape-over) Hot Tub Saltwater System

    Regular Price: $649.95

    Special Price: $474.95

    ControlOMatic introduces a revolutionary way to maintain your hot tub or spa. The SmarterSpa is the first salt chlorine generator with a built-in chlorine detector, replacing the traditional timed cycle method to produce chlorine or bromine. Just attach the supplied control panel to your hot tub or spa skirt, add the required pool and spa salt, insert the cell into the water, and plug it in.

    SmarterSpa Features:
    • Chlorine detection technology produces chlorine as needed.
    • SmarterSpa will not over chlorinate your water.
    • Salt level indicator assists with knowing when to add salt.
    • Self-cleaning technology
    • 110/220 VAC with low voltage 5Vdc to the cell.
    • Owner’s Manual
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  3. Spa Cover Cap

    Hot Tub Cover Caps


    The Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene designed to protect your spa and spa cover during the harsh winter months. The Cover Cap is available in black and silver, and for any hot tub shape or size.

    We offer custom sizes for your cover cap and will contact you for your hot tub's dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. For instance, if your spa measures 86" x 86", we will build your cover cap for 88" x 88", a difference of 1" on each side.

    Please add 2" to each measurement (Width and Length) to ensure a proper fit. Add room for your cover lifter if you are using one.

    Contact Hot Tub Covers if your hot tub requires a cover cap over 96 inches.

    We will call you to confirm your measurements before we process your payment.

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  4. Cover Saver

    Cover Saver

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price: $34.95

    The Cover Saver is a product designed to prevent cover weight and stress on the center seam. The Cover Saver has UV protected nylon straps, and is designed to fit all center bar lifters.

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