Please Support Canadian Manufacturers Working During These Difficult Times.
Make Sure Your New Hot Tub Cover Will Be Made In Canada By Canadian Workers.
Not Imported From The USA Or Mexico - Don’t Be Afraid To Ask When Shopping Around.
Hot Tub Covers Canada cares about your satisfaction.

Hot Tub Covers Canada offers you the following approach to customer care:

We customize every cover to fit the size and shape of your hot tub

We ship fast, direct from the factory to your door.  See our shipping policy.

We respect your privacy.  Period.

We follow-up immediately.

We respond you any concern you might have.

We offer a supportive returns policy.

Simply put, we care about our customers and are committed to providing top-level cover materials, warranty terms, and service guarantees to keep you coming back for more. (and to spread the good word to friends and family!)
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Here is what our customers are saying about Hot Tub Covers Canada.
Aug 9, 2012

I was very satisfied with my purchase. It is a great cover, even better that the original, at a good price . They made all the right recommendations so the cover fits perfectly. The shipment was really fast.
Outstanding service.

- Rafael, Boucherville, Quebec
Aprl 21, 2012

Great product, very good pricing and shipped right to my front door. Could not be happier with how my new cover fits and looks! Thanks very much!

- Alex, Cochrane, Alberta
August 28, 2012

Once my order place, was very surprise on how fast they got back to me to confirm my order and make sure of the measurements, they helped me work thru a few steps to confirm everything, it reassured me from the start and the delivery was on time as promise and the quality of the cover is perfect.

Thanks for your great service Gordon!

- Robert (Bob), Hawkesbury, Ontario

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